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Wings and Wheels 2005 19/06/2005

Winds & Wheels 2005
Photo: Gavin Kemp
With a crowd just short of 2000 enthusiasts, the Wings and Wheels 2005 at Wellesbourne was hailed a success. With glorious weather that tipped over 100 degrees just after lunch time on Sunday's Vulcan taxi day the only shade that was available was under the giant Vulcan Bomber XM655. The aircraft performed a low power and short taxi at 11 AM, followed at 2 PM by a dramatic high power taxi run. Conditions were just right as the pilots - Sqdn Leader (RAF Ret'd) David Thomas and Wing Commander Mike Pollitt - lifted the nose wheel off the runway. With cheers and applause from the crowd, they taxied the aircraft back in to the disused runway for shutdown, allowing the crowd to visit the aircraft for a closer inspection. Over 200 classic cars and vehicles came to the event, and what a fantastic selection of vehicles they were.
A taste of the day
A taste of the day (photos: Charles Toop)
At 1.40 PM the Blue Eagles Helicopter Display Team arrived overhead. The lead helicopter, a Lynx, set down directly in front of the crowd causing a huge dust storm to blow over the airfield. The 4 Gazelle helicopters decided to set down further away so as not to cause any further dust storms! Blue Eagles kicking up a storm
Blue Eagles kicking up a storm (photo: Gavin Kemp)

Earlier in the day, the DC-3 operated by Air Atlantique (based at nearby Coventry Airport) arrived and featured in the static park for the remainder of the day. Also from Air Atlantique came the Dragon Rapide which offered pleasure flights. However the aircraft had a minor problem and a Twin Pioneer arrived to take over.

Reaching for the sky
Reaching for the sky (photo: Michael Baldock)

The photographs here tell the story, leaving 655 MaPS to personally thank you all for coming to our event and supporting what we do - to keep XM655 alive. Our thanks also to the airfield manager, Wellesbourne Air Traffic, all the volunteers on site and off site, the ATC Squadrons, Gary Lewis for organising yet another fabulous car show, our film crew and photographers and last but not least - our Air Crew for the weekend, who survived the stifling heat of a Vulcan cockpit on a sunny day!

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