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Fast Taxi Run 2003 14/06/2003

A big THANK YOU to the thousands of people that came to see our Vulcan on Sunday June 15th. We are very sorry for the thousands of people that we had to turn away - just before 12.30 we had to take the decision to close the gate as the eastern side of the airfield was full. Land over on the western side was opened up as an overflow. Our thanks to Warwickshire Police to controlling the roads around the airfield. For those watching the Saturday Engine Ground Run, you might have noticed that we were still working on the aircraft through the evening. We had to carry out some servicing on the nose wheel steering. The result was that the steering is now far better than that it had been previously. Ahead by a nose
Ahead by a nose. Photo: Charles Toop
Sea Vixen
Sea Vixen. Photo: Damien Burke
The RAF solo display Jaguar made a low level high speed pass, and we just caught sight of the re heat, before it disappeared out of sight! Our thanks to Flt Lt Mike Hayes. The Sea Vixen was next and looked just stunning. Beautifully displayed by Brian Grant. We didn't get the hoped-for Vampire - unfortunately it was hemmed in at Kemble and unable to take-off as a result.
Next - our very own XM655. Slowly taxing out on to the main runway under the controls of Wing Commander Mike Pollitt, Sdn Ldr David Thomas and Sdn Ldr Barry Masefield (RAF ret'd). XM655, now completely repainted, looked the business and zig-zagged up the runway for great photo opportunities. Yep, the airbrakes work
Yep, the airbrakes work!. Photo: Charles Toop
655 alive
Taxi run. Photo: Charles Toop
The first run was to check that the aircraft was OK and that the systems were working correctly. Once done, XM655 turned back and headed back up the runway. Brakes on, and the engines taken up to the high power setting and with that the brakes off and XM655 taxied down once more. Not as fast as some previous years but we have to ensure all our servicing work that we have recently completed is fit for the job - and it is!
Back on the market site, the aircraft was shut down and everyone was allowed to see XM655 up close to view the bomb and engine bays. It also acted as a good sun shade as well! Finally at 14.58 on the dot, the Red Arrows flew in formation over the Vulcan. This was the best weekend we have ever had and it has provided valuable funds to keep 655 alive. Meet the fans
Thanks for all your support; Charles Toop

Crew and firecrew
The aircrew give the firecrew a lift. Photo: Charles Toop

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