15th November 2014 Photo Shoot

On a fine but chilly Saturday, XM655 was moved onto the taxyway ready for a photoshoot with just under 100 photographers eager to get their shots. This event was co-produced with TimeLine Events, where Heritage and Photography come together and recreate scenes from a past era.

There were 8 re-enactors posing for different scenarios during the 5 hour event along with our ground equipment and even a systems demo to enable the photographers the opportunity to see and photograph inside the bomb bay.

The photoshoot commenced late afternoon whilst it was still daylight and as darkness fell special lighting was switched on to enhance the atmosphere of a Vulcan being prepared for QRA. As the night grew colder we did wonder if the photographers would ever want to go home but despite such an enthusiastic response, time had to be called at 2000 hrs so that XM655 could be tucked up once again on her pan safe and sound for the night. After which a tired but very happy band of MaPS volunteers who had been there since the morning also left for the night, we suppose 14 hour shifts were common during a QRA!

A highly successful event and one which we are going to repeat this year (2015) on 24th October, tickets are already on sale through timelineevents.org.

MaPS Volunteers 15th November
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