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27th Febuary 2016

The biting east wind made it another bitterly cold day for the volunteers at Wellesbourne today, and they didn’t have any time to escape it, because after the Triumph Trophy Group visit in the morning (see below), we had fourteen members of the Volvo Tuning Network with their cars this afternoon.


Those Magnificent Men …

…or perhaps more appropriately, Those Magnificent Machines, when the Triumph Trophy Owners Club arrived with 17 of those beautiful British motorcycles. Wg Cdr Mike Pollitt (RAF Retd.) came over to give all the cockpit tours. As a keen motorcyclist himself, we suspect that Mike was as interested in the bikes as our visitors were in the Vulcan!

The Triumph Trophies
The 17 Triumph Trophy Motorcycles – Copyright Len Hewitt

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