2nd September 2017

Lots of activity at XM655 at Wellesbourne today, with cadets from four ATC squadrons to help us.

150 City of Oxford, 240 Darlaston, 194 BSA and 1344 Cardiff Squadrons were all represented, and their cadets worked hard washing the aircraft, drying out the tents from Members’ Day, painting the airfield bomb trolley, sorting and shifting spares and helping with the work on the Coleman tug. We also made good progress on the P2 intercom and AEO voltmeter problems, the stbd wing repaint and the Houchin TRU rebuild.

Amongst our many visitors today, Carla McKenzie brought along her Zero electric motorcycle, and we were able to help out by charging it direct from the Vulcan, which must be unique.

These pictures are by Eric Ranshaw, Helen Loeffler, Isi Jackson, James Pritchard and Robin Whittle.