7th July 2018

Despite such things as the World Cup, Wimbledon, the British Grand Prix and airshows being on, a few of our volunteers were at the pan today with the Vulcan.  Only a few small jobs were carried out as our volunteers were kept busy with lots of casual visitors who we were happy to show around…

In between visits we were able to check the ground servicing lighting including testing the external connector for such a task…

unfortunately, having not been used in many years, this didn’t have the desired effect so we resorted to using the trolleyacc.  All lighting was working as hoped.

Further work was done on the aircraft’s starboard side read for her new paint.

The troublesome raiser was also looked at and the fuse check following last weekends cycles was also started.

We also had an “away team” at Woodford who were selling merchandise and spreading the word.

Today’s pictures are courtesy of Helen Loeffler, Matt Wardrobe, Kay and John Prestidge and James Pritchard

One thought on “7th July 2018”

  1. We had a great visit and my two friends were really impressed and pleased to see inside XM655. It puts into context, for those not familiar with military aircraft, the level of discomfort involved in delivering a long mission, such as those to Port Stanley. Never mind the risk associated and the professionalism needed fly the mission at all!! I hope to arrange another similar visit for a couple of othe Vulcan enthusiasts later in the year.

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