25th August 2018

A busy day lay ahead for our volunteers at the pan on Saturday with lots of jobs and a large pre booked visit in the morning who enjoyed a tour of XM655 and a systems demo.

Throughout the day a number of aircraft batteries were worked on as part of our program to better understand their condition.  This will help us to ascertain how long they can stay on the aircraft before they need to be cycled through the Battery Bay, thus enabling us to accurately spread the use of our batteries.

Work again continued on the painting of the starboard wing and fuselage whilst the weather permitted.

The starboard front wheel assembly was removed to check the condition of the o rings for the inner tyre which had been deflating over time.

The leaking fuel pipe on the number two engine, which has been giving us issues over the past few weeks, was removed to enable correct alignment of the flexible coupling and the other joints.

The problem with the contents indication for the 4 group of fuel tanks was revisited with the relay contacts again being cleaned.  Unfortunately, an incorrect reading was still obtained and this was traced back to the number 4 tank which was showing hard negative.  Further work will be needed on the tank junction box.

The ground air conditioning access was freed and opened and the inner door was also opened.  This revealed some indication of corrosion inside the outer door due to the fact that it has been wet and damp for quite a number of years.  In fact, the person who opened it this time was the same one who did it then!!

This weekends pictures are courtesy of Eric and Steve.  (Special thanks to Steve for the picture of our newest furry admirer who looks very happy to be wearing his 655 MaPS badge!!)