8th September 2018

Lots of jobs to get the aircraft ready for our Members Day next Sunday, and a couple of booked visits kept us busy at the weekend.

Fuse checks were again carried out in the main panels on the 200v circuits to ensure that no unserviceable fuses had been missed during the fault finding from the previous weekend. Our program of battery maintenance continued meaning the aircraft battery will be swapped out this coming weekend.

During the fuse checks, a couple of damaged carriers were identified and following recovery of some spares from an old panel we have, these were replaced.  The spare fuse stowage’s on panels 3p and 4p were also checked to ensure the spares were good and any gaps were filled.  The problem with the main rudder PFCU that gave us problems with blown fuses and the aircraft TRU’s now appears to be rectified and a couple of systems demos were performed without a hitch.

The AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator) from the Houchin was tested further and the TRU was seen to be giving a consistent output. All being well, this will mean that the TRU can be reinstalled in the Houchin over the coming weekends, and will close the chapter on this troublesome time, no more Vampires . . .

A more unusual job was also undertaken, we commenced trying to reinstall the Rad Alt (Radio Altimeter) 7 unit into the starboard wing root but unfortunately, we do not appear to be in possession of the receiver horn with receiver unit attached.  The mounting tray and transmitter/receiver unit being installed ready for reconnection to the existing wiring looms. This equipment was removed from the aircraft when it was retired from service as it was still current tech and used on other aircraft at the time.

The oil leak on the number three engine was checked and double checked and there were no further signs of leakage.  The panel that had been removed from above the airbrake on the Port side of the aircraft to allow access to the pipes for No.2 which run behind was also replaced following the curing of the leak.

Pictures are courtesy of Steve, Matt, Isi and James.