8th December 2018

A lot more tank work on Saturday as we concentrate on trying to complete the job soon. The port tank is now being furnished with work starting on fitting the vent pipes.


Being the first of the month, all our ground equipment, bar the Sentinel which is undergoing maintenance, was run. This also included the opportunities for a couple of our volunteers to try their hand at something different! Our regular AEO got to try out operating the Palouste and another volunteer got to take the Coleman for a spin.
One of the team has been busy away from the pan manufacturing a coupler to connect the air con unit directly to the aircraft. This gives us the benefit of not having to run the hose by the side of the cockpit entrance ladder.
Work also carried on with the AiResearch unit and one of the jacks which had lost its top cover, had it replaced.
Pictures are courtesy of Helen, Isi and James