29th December 2018

First of all, we would like to wish all our members, visitors and supporters a very happy New Year!
The last couple of weekends have been quiet visit wise but this has given us chance to focus on the number one tanks. A fair amount has now been achieved with this and all being well the finish line is in sight!
We found an easier way to refit the vent pipes (as this had caused a bit of a headache!) and despite a small issue with the fixing points on the aft of the tank and cavity, these are now in place.
Both tanks now have the vent pipes, capacitance strips, wiring and float switches in place and all that is left to do is tighten the retaining nuts to the correct tension.
With this now having been done, it gave some of the volunteers who hadn’t been involved in the refitting to poke their heads up into the port tank (as this is easier to access!) to see what it looks like (the overall opinion seemed to be “dark!!”)
Some work was also carried out on the umbilical for the Nav Plotter position and we were treated to a nice visit from P51 “Tall in the Saddle”.

One of our volunteers has refurbished the tachometer from the Palouste as this had suffered from water ingress and had stuck. This was refitted to the Palouste, it was fired up and tested and the results were nearly perfect.

Pictures are by Matt, Isi, James and Tim