02 March 2019

All in all a productive day on Saturday… The original secondary/transfer pump on the pump plate had to be replaced as the pins in the H10 connection were damaged… Luckily, we had a spare plate in stock so this was removed… After plenty of head scratching and aborted attempts, the pump was refitted with a new gasket seal and the pressure relief valve in situ. Whilst all this was going on, our Cadet helpers were working on new bird netting for the undercarriage bays to prevent any feathered squatters! A good job they did too..
Being the first weekend of the month, all ground equipment was run, successfully, including the AAPP… The only piece of ground equipment not to be run was the Sentinel. Work was carried out on her manifold.
The GTC85 is progressing nicely too, and we had a good amount of visitors to enjoy our lovely aircraft.
Pictures this week are courtesy of Helen, Matt and James