30th April 2016

Busy day at Wellesbourne today with preparations for Wellesbourne Wings and Wheels in full swing. In the cockpit, we needed a contortionist to get the last mounting bolt installed on the Nav. Radar seat, even with the improved access provided by the Nav. Plotter seat being out for refurbishment. We also completed a physical review and inspection of all the on-board fire extinguishing systems ~ the next step will be full system electrical tests in the next week or two.


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16th April 2016

Four seasons in one day at Wellesbourne today, ranging from wet snow this morning to glorious sunshine early afternoon to showers later.

After problems with the hydraulic rig last week delaying our steering checks, we moved the aircraft forward far enough to be able to run the No.2 engine, and successfully tested the steering with the on-board hydraulics. We now have a very small adjustment to make, but the system was shown to be working well.


9th April 2016

Another busy day at Wellesbourne today. Lots of progress on the No.1 fuel tanks, which are now both open at top and bottom, so they will be well vented ready for removal next week. The Nav. Radar’s seat has been painted and is now ready for assembly and re-installation, and the electrics have been disconnected from the Nav. Plotter’s seat in preparation for removal.


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26th March 2016

The nice spring weather didn’t last very long ~ it was pretty miserable at Wellesbourne today. However, it didn’t seem to put off our visitors. We had a large party from the RBL Bikers in the morning, and several small groups and casual visitors in the afternoon, which kept most of our volunteers busy all day. Many thanks to Mike Pollitt for hosting lots of cockpit visits.img_9906

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5th March 2016

Much better weather today ~ not exactly warm but the wind had moved round to the north and was a lot less biting. Lots of EGR preparation work completed on PFCU and hydraulic system oil levels, and one leaky tyre removed and refitted, but the main items to report are the installation of the refurbished AEO seat in the cockpit, and repair of the starter on the Douglas tug.

The work on wheels and tyres  provided an excellent training opportunity for a small detachment of cadets from 150 (City of Oxford) Sqn ATC, who were with us today.