27th October 2018

What started as a lovely morning, soon turned… Plenty of rain!!

But there was also plenty of work and some visits to keep us busy including the Bugatti owners club and a birthday surprise!
Work continued on the Gtc85 with the outlet grill being attached and lighting installed in its container.
The big news though, was work on the number one fuel tanks… They were prepped (when and where the weather allowed) and the port tank was prepared and put into the cavity in the aircraft. During the day, when time allowed, it was (only) partially refitted… The tank is held on by what can only be described as press studs… But slightly larger than those you might find on your clothing!! The weather was against us however, the cold finally meaning we had to leave the job as the tank was not as flexible… But the forward part of the tank is now in place and is beginning to look like a tank!
Further battery maintenance was carried out to ensure they are in the best possible condition. With the remedial work going on with the hooch, the frequency was tested and it gave a positive 404hz…
Work was also continued on sorting the electrical stores and the SABT.
These pictures are courtesy of Helen, Matt, Steve and James