20th October 2018

A much quieter Saturday than last weekend but lovely skies greeted us rather than cloud and rain…

A number of jobs were carried out including installing new lighting on the pan buildings which will most certainly help with the dark winter mornings and evenings!

Work was carried out to identify the frequency meter problem on the Houchin but the majority of the day was spent trying to figure out the issue with the number 4 alternator.  This involved testing the alternator itself and some of the cabling.  A potential source to look at could be the “Crash switches” which we believe we have located on the pressure bulkhead in the cockpit, so these will be investigated further.  But as like many other components on the aircraft, they are not the easiest of things to get to!

Further attention was also given to the SABT during it’s refurbishment including (finally!) freeing the rear steering mechanism.

During the day we had a steady stream of casual visitors and a small pre-booked visit who were all able to enjoy their time with XM655.

Throughout the day we also had some lovely aircraft stopping by XM655 to keep her company including a 2 seat Pitts Special and a Sea Fury which gave us a couple of lovely flypasts before departing.

These pictures are by Isi, James, Len and Matt