10th November 2018

Another glorious sunrise, mixed weather and a beautiful sunset on Saturday formed the backdrop to our work. With this also being the weekend of Remembrance Day, a flag was hung from the TFR on the nose of XM655 as a mark of respect and thanks.

A small group of our volunteers were to travel to Woodford on Tuesday to fit a collar onto the nose wheel of XM603 to improve her stance. This was trialled at the pan to ensure it would run smoothly. The majority of the day however was spent trying to get to the bottom of the number 4 alternator issue. Following the work from previous weeks, attention turned to the 450 in the power bay. The decision was made to remove the unit for inspection and cleaning. Removing the unit however was not as straightforward as deciding to do it as some awkward mounting bolts proved! Once out though, the cover was removed.. We think you’ll agree that the work that went into assembling this unit is impressive. Whilst this was being inspected, we searched our stores for a replacement which we found! This was then connected and a wet cycle was performed later in the day. And….. Success! Voltage was recorded from the alternator. A very positive end to the day.
Pictures courtesy of Helen, Isi and James