3rd November 2018

First weekend of the month meant Ground Equipment runs but also continued work on the jobs from last Saturday.  All the equipment (Coleman, Sentinel, Houchin, Palouste and Hydraulic Rig) was run successfully.

Brilliant progress was made on the refitting of the number one tanks into the aircraft despite the starboard tank being much more tricky to insert into the cavity in the airframe!  If the port seemed fairly difficult, inserting the starboard tank past the additional equipment in the nosewheel bay was far more challenging!  With some gentle persuasion and a lot of perseverance, the tank was finally in the cavity.  With the help of some heaters to keep the tank as flexible as possible, good progress was made “popping” the tank studs to the airframe.

Number 4 alternator fault finding continued with our attention turned to the crash switches.  As with many items in a Vulcan, these are not the easiest of components to get to – access was gained via the crew ladder!  They had to be checked in situ and they are covered by a (what should be) clear perspex cover – the body of the crash switch itself is also clear.  So first off, removing the covers as they were pretty far from transparent!  The first cover (over the forward pair of crash switches) was removed and whilst the switches were checked, it was cleaned and reinstalled.  It was then the turn of the rear bank which just so happened to be a little more awkward to get to!  Unfortunately, the rear cover had been broken at some point which made the removal of it a little….entertaining!  With this panel off, it was also cleaned whilst the switches were checked and then reinstalled.

With the crash switches checked, attention then turned to the earth points in the number 4 engine bay.  A combination of dirt and paint build up on them meant they would have to be coaxed free.  After a bit of work with a wire brush there was a (frightening at first but satisfying after) “crack” as the nut was free.  The studs, ring terminals, washers and nuts were then cleaned, re-seated and tested with positive results.

The important battery maintenance continued and work was carried out on the SABT brake lines.

Photos are from Isi, James and Matt