22 June 2019

A glorious sunny day was the backdrop for a busy day of maintenance, fault finding and visits on Saturday.
The remaining fuel tanks that weren’t checked the previous week were inspected for water contamination and whilst the panels were off, the Dzus fasteners received a clean and some grease.
Chasing electrical gremlins from the no.4 alternator circuit was also undertaken where access allowed as we had a lot of visitors to enjoy the aircraft and the weather!
Finding some of the terminal blocks in the circuit proved troublesome however… We also identified a “typo” in the circuit diagram! We were looking for TB57 which was shown as being in panel 1J in the bomb bay… But after looking at the diagrams for the other alternator circuits, it dawned on us that it should be 21J which is in fact located in the power bay! This also proved difficult to access as it sits right behind a frequency and load controller.

Derek continued with the painting on the starboard side of the aircraft, even managing to strike a pose in the intake!

Our visits consisted of the Hartley Davidson Riders Club, a former Nav Radar from 101sqn who has hours on our very own XM655 and Cadets from 181 (Gloucester) squadron.

Pictures this week are courtesy of Helen, Matt, Steve and James