20 July 2019

Despite being a little thin on the ground volunteer wise, there was still lots of work to be getting on with!
One of the tasks was the removal of items to better facilitate the removal of the number 4 engine. These included the engine bay cooling ducts and the disconnection of Firewire and electrical controls. The connector that reports the state of the low speed switch was disconnected, all the cables were coiled and bagged to protect them from damp and to keep them away from the engine bay doors when closed. Fire extinguisher sparge pipes were removed from the side of the bay.
All of the removed components were boxed up ready for inspection and cleaning prior to re-installation.
To free the engine for lowering all that is left to do is clear the remainder of connections in Zone 3 of the engine bay, disconnect the jet pipe from the engine and pull it towards the rear of the aircraft. Before this can be carried out the end cap has to be removed and the jet pipe unlocked to allow it to move in the airframe.

Elsewhere, work continued servicing the glimmer lights and commissioning two new ones with two new chargers. The bench at the back of the “conservatory” was cleared ready to refurbish CMFS units. The CMFS units were looked at with a view to working out the next steps to solve the problems.

Sanding preparation work on the port wing was also carried out ready for painting.

A number of visits took place during the day with the groups taking part in cockpit visits and being given talks given by our Chairman Mike Pollitt and our Membership Secretary Len Hewitt.

Pictures courtesy of Damaris, Matt, Steven and Tim