27 July 2019

A very busy but productive day unfolded on Saturday with a couple of group visits, lots of smaller visits and lots of progress on the number 4 engine.
Despite the rain, work was undertaken to remove the jet pipe and remaining connections to allow the dropping of the engine. With the tail pipe removed, the interior pipe was moved back away from the engine and the chain blocks were attached to their points on the engine and its bay.
Away from the aircraft, one of the cmfs units was receiving some attention with a strip down and clean which highlighted a problem with one of the carbon shaft seals.
We had a visit from the Midlands Region of the Bentley owners club in the morning who were able to park their stunning cars in front of XM655 and in the afternoon, a visit of a group from the Rotary Club Banbury Cherwel.
Whilst the visits we being shown around and given talks, work carried on with the final preparations for removing the engine.
Slowly but surely the engine was lowered onto its cradle and a long and exhausting day came to a close.
Pictures are courtesy of Helen, Isi, James, Matt and Steve