17 August 2019

Well! What a busy day Saturday turned out to be!! Lots of visits including a very large group from the Triumph owners motorcycle club who enjoyed not only a tour and systems demo of the aircraft, but also a distant display by the BBMF Spitfire over Stratford who then gave a lovely overflight of XM655 🙂 (see video)
Work wise, the strip down of the cmfs continued, engine number 3 was prepped for removal, the air start system was tested (see video) and the firewire plug which had been caught during the removal of the number 4 engine was dismantled ready for rewiring…
There was also time to look at the wiring diagrams for the cockpit lighting as the main cabin light is not illuminating when the abandon aircraft sign is lit
Our P&D team were also hard at work making good progress towards the repaint.
Pictures this week are courtesy of Isi, James and Matt