24 August 2019

Another very busy day at the pan with visitors and the continuing work on preparing the number 3 engine for removal.
In engine bay 4, the firewire cable plug that had been damaged during the removal of the engine was repaired (luckily a maintenance loop was present in the cable!)
Elsewhere, more progress was made on making a serviceable cmfs unit and the painting and decorating team continued their work, despite the very high temperatures!
In the cockpit, the cabin lighting issue was found to be caused by a broken wire in the fuse box on top of panel 4p, behind the Nav Rad seat. The connection was remade and following a systems demo, it was tested satisfactorily.
We also had a lovely aircraft pay a visit to the airfield, the Hangar 11 Mustang, “Tall in the Saddle”
We even had a 655MaPS away team at Bruntingthorpe on the Sunday, selling various merchandise and spreading the XM655 word 🙂
Needless to say, this was a very tough job given the heat!
Pictures courtesy of Isi, James, Matt and Ross and from one of our visitors, Clare