28th April 2018

Lots of visitors at XM655 at Wellesbourne today with the Cotswold Classic Car Club in the morning and a group from the IAM Roadsmart Solent motorcyclists in the afternoon.

We also continued with the No.2 engine installation and troubleshooting our airbrake problem, but we still have more work to do on both.

These pictures are by Alex Batsford, Helen Loeffler, Isi Jackson and James Pritchard.

One thought on “28th April 2018”

  1. With this inclement weather at last an opportunity to say thank you to you, Captain Mike and the rest of the team for making our tour of XM655 so interesting and enjoyable regardless of the conditions on the day.
    The gang that went down to the café for lunch were saying that it had been an exceptional morning, coming close to and learning more about a true British icon.
    I have to say the aspect that made the most impression was being in the cockpit, after the slightly awkward ladder we all emerged with the sense of how claustrophobic it must have been for the crew on a long flight.

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